At eResonance we support you in your self-care journey through Self-Care Subscriptions, Biofeedback, and Organic and Sustainable Essentials for stress relief and self-care.


Swiss company, we pride ourselves on only the highest quality products. All of our oils are 100% organic (Swiss bio.inspecta certified), sustainable, sourced from family farms, and we use all recyclable materials from production, to shipping.


Your Self-Care Subscription


Self-Care Subscription Boxes

Each month you receive a carefully curated self-care aromatherapy subscription box at your door. Inside you will find all the purest organic ingredients to create your own self-care aromatherapy perfume, recipes, cards, and  2 self-care surprises! 

Each month enjoy the powerful benefits of incorporating organic aromatherapy into your lifestyle. Each box is carefully curated by aromatherapists to ensure the highest benefits, quality and safety. 

Together with thousands of other women around the globe, you will learn month by month how to create beautiful and fragrant blends for your wellbeing, self-care and lifestyle. 

Enjoy the tantalizing fragrances of the purest natural ingredients from mother earth. 

We only use our own organic essential oils which are produced on our partner farms in small batches. All oils have been chosen specifically with your wellbeing in mind. Each oil has unique properties which support you in reducing stress and boosting self-care.   

All oils are Swiss certified organic by bio.inspecta, and 100% organic and sustainably farmed with a mix of biodynamic and wild-harvest farming methods in small batches. Our partner farmers are eco-cert organic certified. We are 100% cruelty free, and fair-trade. 


Additionally, we sell over 300 organic essential oils, carriers, extracts available for wholesale. If you are interested in bulk, wholesale or resale, send us an email. We will provide our product and price list.  


Self-Care Products

Our goal is to support you to develop your own personalized toolkit for wellbeing and stress reduction. This toolkit is a combination of tools, skills, products and community which supports you along your self-care journey for the most sustainable and long-term benefits. Your toolkit won't be developed overnight, but together we at eResonance and our community will support you to develop and expand your self-care toolkit for optimum self-care and stress reduction.

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