Aromatherapy Profile Assesment

Interested in discovering the amazing benefits of Aromatherapy? Whether you are new to aromatherapy and essential oils or it has been some time since your last assessment and you would like a new analysis for your current situation, this Aroma Profile Assessment is sure to bring joy, ease and comfort to your current wellness and self-care routine. 

Together either via email or phone we will discuss the top three issues that you would like to address with aromatherapy and go through your current wellness profile to target the areas in your life that could currently benefit from more ease, relaxation, self-care or stress reduction.

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What You Get

  • Assessment and Analysis of your Wellness Profile

  • 5 Oils Recommended Personally for You

  • 5 Benefits of these Essential Oils Targeted to your Profile

  • 5 Usages for the Oils and How to Integrate Essential Oils into Your Lifestyle

  • 3 Personalized Aromatherapy Recipes with tips and Tricks for Application

  • 8 Page Aromatherapy Analysis Print Out

  • 3 Organic Aromatherapy Roll-On Blends 

How It Works

  1. Purchase your Aroma Profile Assessment Online

  2. Download the Aroma Profile form (See below...)

  3. Fill out the Aroma Profile form or schedule a call to discuss it together

  4. Email us your form (

  5. We will be in touch to discuss and finalize your profile

  6. Once your profile has been personally created for you, we will send you your entire Aromatherapy Care Package by mail

Aroma Care Package Includes

Full Package: CHF 105.95

  • 8 Page Aroma Analysis Print Out

  • 3 10ml Roll-On Bottles

  • 3 2.5ml Essential Oils Based on Your profile

  • 1 Pipette

  • 3 Tester Strips

  • Aroma-Care Cards Based on Your Personal Recipes

*Please note that all personal data related to health or wellness is deleted after you receive your Aroma Care Package.