A global community of female artists supporting women with stress, panic and anxiety through art.

Together we support women to reduce stress, anxiety and panic through eArt2020.


We are are group of 41 female artists, located globally who support fellow women in reducing stress, anxiety and panic through eArt2020.  Each artist has donated a beautiful piece for a series of stress reduction cards. All profit from this limited edition goes to supporting women in need and bringing these amazing stress reduction techniques of positive self-reinforcement to be commonplace in every woman's home.

Each card has a theme, such as meditation, breath work, biofeedback, yoga etc. with positive tips and tricks on how to reduce stress and boost self-confidence.  Each card features a beautiful image, and practical ways to reduce stress.

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To me, someone's artwork is truly a self portrait as it unconsciously represents our creativity, experiences, and even output in life. I use art to express the need of representation (femininity, women's rights, culture, and more) and it has not only helped me express my values but has also touched the lives of my viewers. This project has the values and ideas that drive me as an artist.

Zoe Bulsara

Zoe Bulsara

I am a real believer in the healing properties of creativity and listening to your own body and I hope to inspire others to pay more attention to these things and hopefully find joy and peace in these things. I have loved art for as long as I can remember and it has always been a constant in my life despite what's going on around me.

Charlie Moon Studio

Charlie Moon Studio

To me, art means playing, and visualizing life's constant changes. Success and setbacks go hand in hand. Artists are often hypersensitive people who can therefore create these visualisations. I rarely had a flawless art process because you put your soul into your work. Creating an artistic reflection of yourself or your environment is therefore a challenge. I think the eResonance project is a strong translation that matches my story above.



I know I am lucky and I can share it with all my conviction, to help other, becoming as lucky as I am. To me art is really personal but we are all inspired by our peers.

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