Your Future Self

At eResonance we support you in your self-care journey through biofeedback, organic essential oils, Self-Care Sets, and stress reduction tools such as our eArt2020 global female artist collaboration.


Swiss company, we pride ourselves on only the highest quality products. All of our oils are 100% organic (Swiss bio.inspecta certified), sustainable, sourced from family farms, and we use all recyclable materials from production, to shipping.

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Stress Reduction Essentials


Stress Reduction with Organic Aromatherapy 

All of our oils have been chosen specifically with your wellbeing in mind. Each oil has specific properties that support you in reducing either stress, panic or anxiety. They are each organically and sustainably farmed with old fashion farming methods and refurbished tools and tractors to optimize quality and reduce the carbon footprint.  All oils are Swiss certified organic by bio.inspecta.

All of our products are 100% organic, farmed with a mix of biodynamic and wild-harvest farming methods in small batches. We are organic certified with bio.suisse, and our farmers are all eco-cert organic certified. We are 100% cruelty free, and fair-trade. 


We have over 300 organic essential oils, carriers, extracts available for wholesale. If you are interested in bulk, wholesale or resale, send us an email. We will share our product and price list.  


Stress Reduction in Card Form