Self-Care Subscription Box

Create Your Own Organic Aromatherapy Perfume 

Your ultimate aromatherapy self-care subscription box. Each month you get a carefully curated aromatherapy self-care set with all ingredients to create your own aromatherapy perfume. In your first month you receive your luxury care box to store your perfumes + all ingredients for an aromatherapy perfume and 2 exclusive self-care surprises. In all following months you receive a carefully curated set of oils to make a new perfume + 2 exclusive self-care surprises with a value of $ 100 +

All products are exclusively from eResonance. Your subscription gives you early access to exclusive product launches in organic clean beauty and self-care.

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About Your Subscription

Each month's items are carefully curated with your self-care and wellbeing in mind in Zurich, Switzerland. All products are exclusively from eResonance. With your subscription, you benefit from exclusive early launches and the newest products in organic clean beauty and self-care.


We take into consideration not only your wellbeing, but the seasons changes and cycles to bring you the perfect ingredients for that month. Together with thousands of other women around the world, each month you will be creating your own personal aromatherapy perfume.


Each month you will receive all ingredients for a gorgeous new Aromatherapy Perfume

+ 2 Exclusive Self-Care Surprises!

Subscription Box Items - Aromatherapy Perfume Items

2 New Organic Essential Oils

2 x New AromaCare Cards

1 x Organic Jojoba Oil Refill

1 x Pipette

2 x Tester Strips

1 x New Aromatherapy Recipe

1 x New Research Based Self-Care Practice

1 x Gift Card

Plus: 2 Exclusive Self-Care Surprises!!


FREE Worldwide Shipping

Your Self-Care Box will arrive by the end of the month.

Shipments go out on the 15th and the 25th of each month. Depending on your order date your box will be shipped either the 15th or 25th of each month. 

Terms and Conditions

We want you to LOVE your box each month! 

You can pause or cancel your order after the third delivery.

This must be done via email before the 1st of the month before you wish to shop. 

If you have any issues with your delivery, please email us within 7 days of delivery, and we will do our best to solve any issue if they occur.

Lizzy Moonbeam


I LOVE my box! It is so beautiful and I am able to carry it around with me. Really amazing oils and an amazing concept!  Thanks so much eResonance!!

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