Organic and Sustainable

Quality Products & Sustainable Partners.

Sustainable, organic production is really important to us! We work directly with sustainable & organic small farms to provide you with 100% pure organic oils. Our oils are farmed & distilled using 100 year old distillation machines and tractors which have been restored to perfection. The old fashion distillation method of steam distillation is eco-friendly and reduces waste at source. 


A portion of our profits go to support women in need through micro loans in organic and sustainable production. Your purchase makes a difference.



Process and Production

All of our oils are distilled using organic farming methodology. Steam distillation is used to distill kilos of each plant type in two alembics. The gas powered steam distillation occurs by varying the pressure and not exceeding a temperature of 96 celsius.

The plant is placed in the alembic chambers. Once the steam builds pressure in the chambers and rises to the next chamber, when the air is then cooled and condensed, and then fed through a long coil which is cooled with water. This process allows the oil, water, and hydrosol to separate.

We take this pure oil to produce our organic essential oils. Each oil distillation is done in small batched on small farms. 


The Ancient Art of Distillation

The distillation of oils dates back to 3500 BC. Ancient Egyptians held the power of oils to be sacred and healing, and ancient texts record doctors administering oils such as frankincense  ginger, and cinnamon bark.

Around 3500 BC, Egypt, China and India were in the process of exploring herbs and aromatic plants for well-being.  The Greeks and Romans then absorbed the wisdom of the ancient Egyptians, using their knowledge of plants to create aromatic and healing baths and tinctures. 


Organic Certification A

Organic Certification B


Recyclable and Sustainable

Each order is personally packaged with care and intention. We manage all orders internally and package everything in-house. We know the power of intention and providing a high quality experience is of utmost importance for us. 

We use 100% natural Swiss wood wool from Ticino, Switzerland to package our orders. The boxes are made of 70% recycled cardboard and are 100% recyclable. 

Planting Trees

Offsetting our CO2 Footprint

We are proud to be a part of reforesting the natural environment one tree at a time! Each month with your amazing support we are working to offset our footprint by planting trees in Madagascar to support the reforestation of the Mangrove Species.

100 Trees Planted in Madagascar

20 Trees Planted in Nepal