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2 Amazing Tricks to Calm You Down Fast!

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

It can be super challenging to calm yourself when you are in the middle of a panic attack. Sometimes, it is difficult to stop it when it has already begun. However, there are a couple tricks that work like magic! They can become part of your personal self-care toolkit to support you when emotions begin to overwhelm. 1. Have a pulse measuring device (pulse oximeter). Panic attacks are typically associated with a raised pulse. Consciously try to slow your heart rate. By focusing on your heart rate, you will automatically refocus your brain on a manageable factor and show your mind you can do this. 2. Hugs! Choose someone you trust to be your hug buddy. Someone who knows you well enough to see you panic. This is a special person, as it is an honor to be trusted so highly that you allow yourself to be fully vulnerable with them. When anxiety or panic begins, ask them to give you a really warm and tight hug. Ask them to squeeze you firm enough so that you can feel pressure on your body, this will really help bring you back to your body and the moment. Panic or anxiety can also be associated with hyperventilation, and this will support you in easing your breathing. I know panic and anxiety can be tricky, but you are taking the perfect steps by developing your own self-care routine. Developing your personal toolkit for stress, panic and anxiety is the perfect way to support yourself in advance.

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