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7 Oils for Sweet Dreams

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Diffusing essential oils before bed can be a fantastic way to support relaxation and ease you into the best night's sleep! Many of us suffer from restlessness before bed. Too many thoughts crowding our minds. Now more than ever, we are faced with a worldwide situation that is new and can be very overwhelming and stressful for people. Creating the right conditions for the perfect night's sleep is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. When too many thoughts crowd your mind as your try to drift into slumber land, think about turning to essential oils. The following are seven fantastic oils to sweep you off into dreamland.

Roman Chamomile: a sweet floral aroma that calms and soothes the mind and body. One of the most popular essential oils for sleep

Lavender Grosso: This herbaceous lavender scent can both grounding, calming, and promote a great sleep.

Vetiver: With its rich, exotic aroma that is incredibly grounding to your emotions

Lavender Fine: Widely used for its calming properties, easing tension and inducing relaxation. Lavender Fine is the queen of the lavenders. The perfect accompaniment before a good nights sleep.

Bergamot: A floral citrus fragrance which is an adaptogen. This means that it can be both uplifting and calming. Your body adapts to it based on what you need at the moment. It is also great at helping to calm and reduce anxious feelings.

Lavender Super: A beautiful floral lavender which promotes relaxation and sweet dreams. It is soothing and balancing and provides the perfect comfort before bed. You can also combine it with other oils as it improves the properties of other oils when they are combined.

Wild (Sweet) Orange: A sweet citrus scent, which is also an adaptogen. It can be either energizing or calming, depending on what you need in the moment.

What toolkit items we recommend for better sleep:

Of course we always recommend organic and natural!

Self-care is not a luxury it is a must.


1. Organic Lavender Fine Essential Oil

2. Organic German Camomile Essential Oil

3. Organic Lavender Super Essential Oil

4. Organic Lavender Grosso Essential Oils

5. Organic Vetiver Essential Oil

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