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Healing Through Art - an eArt Artist's Journey with Art and Stress Reduction

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Our eArt2020, Stress Reduction Essentials Card deck has been a huge success! It has now been enjoyed by women in over 30 countries worldwide and growing.

The mission of this beautiful card deck was to bring women together and to support them in knowing that they are not alone in their stress, anxiety, or panic.

Each artist has designed a beautiful card for your Stress Reduction Essentials deck. Each card is an essential piece of your stress-reduction toolkit in card form.

Together with 40 other talented female artists around the globe, Sonya Kosar joined eArt2020 to support women in this global mission.

Sonya is a talented artist from Iran, who designed a beautiful piece for this deck on the topic of Visualization and Imagineering.

"Peace comes right after we realize we can control the situation. In that case, there is no worry at all since we are able to change the situation. If we can't change or control the situation, there is no need to feel stressed out because there is nothing we can do about it. Therefore, it is better to let it go. This illustration is me controlling my stress in my heart."

-Sonya Kosar

Watch this beautiful short video to see a window into this gorgeous deck as well as Sonya's artwork and intentions.

If you would like to check out more of Sonya's pieces, you can visit her artist profile on Instagram and join her more than 35,000 other fans in appreciating the beautiful artwork she creates.

Artist:Sonya Kosar

Represented County: Iran

Instagram: @sonya_illustration

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