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Meet Our Artists - Charlotte de Jongh

Charlotte de Jongh is part of our amazing eArt female Artists Community. Her story has already inspired so many and it is together as a community that we move forward to change the stigma of talking about mental health. Charlotte de Jongh has generously shared her story with us of how art has supported her and inspired her through her own journey with stress.

Charlotte de Jongh's Story

To me, art means playing and visualizing life’s constant changes.

Success and setbacks go hand in hand. Artists are often hypersensitive people who can therefore create these visualizations. I have rarely experienced a flawless art process because you put your soul into your work.

Creating an artistic reflection of yourself or your environment is therefore a challenge.

I think the eResonance project is a strong translation that matches my story above. Female artists gathering globally “digitally” to create something powerful. Of course, I wanted to participate immediately.

In addition, the life of an artist is not always about pink scent and moonshine. I also have nightly panic attacks every week, and I find it difficult to be social with my environment because sometimes everything comes hard. Meditating works well for me. Or a little bag of lavender under my pillow to keep the panic attacks away. A nice walk in the woods or a long hug from my cat keeps me on the right track and inspires me to make art as long as I can walk around on this wonderful planet.

Artist or not, we’ve got the stick together and be kind to each other and ourselves.


Charlotte's artwork is absolutely gorgeous! You can find more of her work via the contact details below.

Instagram: @charliemoon_studio

Website: www.charliemoonstudio.com

Location : The Netherlands

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