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Organic vs. Sustainable

Take a trip with us to the faraway island of Madagascar. This beautiful paradise is where our organic ylang-ylang is farmed. The distillation of Ylang Ylang, a flower known in the area and around the world for the many virtues of the essential oils it yields. Ylang Ylang has been a source of destructive farming practices destroying native plants and trees at an alarming rate. Ylang Ylang holds a key role in the vegetation, as well as in the local economy, through its farming.

Non-sustainable farming practices burn an excessive number of trees during the distillation of ylang-ylang. Such as by burning less wood during distillation. For each distillation batch of essential oil, 910 kg of wood is burned. The farm which I work with is actively working to change this practice by implementing more sustainable farming and distillation practices. Supporting farmers who work to reduce this damage is really important!

Together, we can support the locals and the environment by supporting sustainable farmers. Not only organic is important in this case, but the farming and distillation practices. Let us support ylang ylang to have a sustainable role in its actual ecosystem and for the locals who produce this gorgeous fragrance.


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