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What is true sustainability? This is a question that we ask ourselves every day and are constantly looking to improve. Here at eResonance, we take time each week to internally discuss our environmental footprint, our sustainability, and our company values. Remembering where we come from and our values is the way we move forward to create a better today and tomorrow. We are working to improve our sustainability and develop a community of sustainability, transparency while supporting the individual. One of our goals is to be plastic-free by 2023 if not sooner.

Sustainability is not always straightforward, but we can promise you that we are working to be more sustainable each and every day and love to hear from our community what is important to them!

We want to push you to remember these three things as a consumer:


✅Organic is not always sustainable. Look further.

✅Sustainability is in the materials the product is made from. However, also the labor practices, the environment & community a business cultivates.

✅What is the company's carbon footprint?

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