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Sustainable Shopping

Updated: Jan 27

If you are like us, knowing where your products come from and how they are produced, is so important. Especially living in a time where it is viewed as better to have the most expensive, or most quantity rather necessarily than quantity. Time is moving so fast and consuming and buying so much stuff has become a norm. We then in turn trash or dispose of this 'stuff' and hereby create an unneeded waste.

Supporting sustainable and local businesses is a wonderful way to do a small part to reduce waste and promote sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.

So how sustainable is eResonance, really?

  • 100% certified organic and micro-dynamic farming methods

  • bio-inspecta & ecocert certified

  • Swiss wood-wool for packaging

  • We are a family business!

  • We hand package all of our orders ourself

  • We work only with companies and farmers who have the same values.

  • We create all of our packaging and designs ourself and with teh support of global female artists

  • 70% recycled boxes

  • 100% recyclable packaging

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