A global community of female artists supporting women with stress, panic and anxiety through art.

Together we support women to reduce stress, anxiety and panic through eArt2020.


We gathered a group of 41 female artists, located globally to support fellow women in reducing stress, anxiety and panic through eArt2020.  Each artist has donated a beautiful piece for a series of stress reduction cards. All profit from this Limited Edition goes to supporting women in need and bringing these amazing stress reduction techniques of positive self-reinforcement to be commonplace in every woman's home. All profits from the Limited Edition will be donated to CAMFED to support women with education.

Get to Know Our Artists

eArt2020 has 41 artists and designers from the following countries:


Meditation: @charliemoonstudio (The Netherlands)

Time with animals: @flore.illu (Lyon, France)

Crystals: @jahzz.art (Hawaii, USA)

Baths: @cathconofolio (USA)

Yoga: @zara_carbonara_art (England)

Mindfulness: @arty.jess (England)

Massage: @sanjana_illustrations (India)

Lavender: @emmajane.jpeg (Belgium)

Dancing: @fanid_art (France)

Connection with Nature: @roxanncamille.designs (New York, USA)  

Listen to Music: @darkawhite (Italy / Slovenia)

Imagining a Happy Place: @adoubleu_design (Scotland)

Mantras: @nadiab_art  (Palermo, Italy)

Sex: @hi.socialbutterfly (Florida, USA / Philippines)

Forest Bathing: @maldebeo (Belgium)

Recognizing Emotions as They Arise: @zartfun (California, USA) 

Breath Work: @noelle.illustration (Australia)

Healing through Art: @illustrationsforcleo (Hong Kong)

Mandalas: @madebyralu (Romania / England)

Connection: @hiitsme.ra (Bali, Indonesia)

Diet/Food and Gut Health: @melissakp_art (London, England)

Focusing on an Object: @joycehvn (Netherlands)

Saying Yes to Yourself: @terysdigitalstudio (Cape Town, South Africa)

Community: @createdbypatricia (Philippines)

Biofeedback: @graphicsxcali (Nebraska, USA)

Weighted Blanket: @colourmepaige (Texas, USA / England)

Cuddling: @pastelsorpetals (India)

Exercise / Movement: @z.jets (Congo, Africa /England)

Support of Family: @creamerycreative (China / SF, USA)

Listing High Frequency Emotions: @eunicemjye (Singapore)

Imagineering/Visualization: @sonya_illustration (Iran)

Laughter: @designed.byapril (Australia)

Chakras/Energy Centers: @minimalaquiescence (Bangalore, India) 

Tapping: @by_pooja.desai (India)

Listing What to do in Advance: @tangerine.lab (India)

Color Therapy: @nouilledemiel (Belgium)

Essential Oils: @valerie.aquarelle (France)

Journaling: @friday.illustrations (UAE / Philippines)

Community of Friends: @pineandbrush (Phoenix, Arizona)

Muscle Relaxation: @thevacanteyes (Singapore)



Digital Compilation: @cesmaaae (Philippines)

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